​Kimberly Monk Dressage

Grand Prix Champion

Kimberly Monk knew from the age of 3 that she wanted to dedicate her life to horses. She was first introduced to dressage 1981 in England where she went to school at the Moat House in Benenden Kent England. Passing the British Horse Society's Horse Masters, and Instructor Exam, she returned to California to begin her career.
Kingdom of the  Dancing Stallions quickly hired Kim for a show in California which featured 36 Andalusian Stallions. The two-year span was a great learning experience for upper level dressage training. She would work over time, for no money, just for the experience of working hand in hand with the Spanish Riding School and German masters. Before the age of 20 Kim had learned every act and was put in the management position of "back stage" and responsible for all 36 stallions.
She was struck by the precision, discipline and beauty of dressage and dressage became the guiding force in Kim's life. For over 30 years she has vigorously pursued her dream in this sport.
In 1985 while Kim was an instructor in San Juan Capistrano, Medieval Times hired her to train their horses and open the first Castle in the USA. For over two years, during the day, Kim taught and trained in San Juan Capistrano Ca. and then she drove to Anaheim to train "Knights" as well as perform in two shows, six days a week.
After many shows and five Rose Parades later, she decided to focus on her competitive career. Kim was now working with Hilda Gurney and training her stallion Temerario VII.
Kim and her stallion Temerario VII competed and won regionally and USDF All Breed awards from First level to Intermediate II. At age 19 Temerario VII had become a Grand Prix stallion and was retired from competition in 1999. He remained sound and went on to become a Breeding stallion in Colorado.
Kim has also trained with Spanish Riding School master, Franz Rochowansky and well known international Master instructors such as Jill Hassler, Carl Hester, Conrad Schumacher,  Harry Boldt, Peter Borggreve, and receives continued assistance with judges such as Axel Steiner.
Kim has trained and competed on a number of horses through FEI levels during her career and has helped many young professorial, adult Amateur & Junior riders receive their USDF Bronze and Silver Rider Medals and win their championship dreams. In the past few years Kim has successfully trained FEI Junior Team members and members of the Region 7 North American Young Rider team.
 She travels frequently to Germany, Spain and Brazil for horse buying trips.