Horse Show Instruction

                                                    Trainer generally meets client at show grounds 35 minuets before class starts.

                                                                               Grooms are available for a day fee

Coaching  per  class             $50.00 (Plus travel expenses)
Warm-up rides                      $55.00
Coaching & warm up ride     $75.00
Braiding                                 $45.00
Grooming & tacking up        $15.00 hr.
Cooling out & grooming       $15.00 hr.
Lunging                                  $45.00

Trainer showing horse: 
Riding per class                $50.00 (plus travel expenses.)

Horse show hauling available: 
Hook-up fee   $45.00 Plus $2.00 a mile

Stabling at shows:
(Stalls prices are subject to show grounds)

Feeding                                 $2.50
Cleaning                               $ 15.00
Grooming                             $15.00
Blanketing                            $ 2.50
Sharing Tackroom (prices are subject to show grounds)
Sharing Grooming stall
Security check                    $25.00
Leg wrapping & icing        $15.00

All horses boarded at KM Dressage Include Lunch , Turn outs, and Hay feeding 3 times a day.

​Kimberly Monk Dressage

My mission is to take any rider and elevate them to exceed their highest expectations within the sport​ of Dressage

                                                                                                  **  SPECIAL **   Intro Lesson includes Lesson horse   $75.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                              Lesson Fees are for each rider: 45min-lesson includes about 5 to10-min theory 

                                                              Theory is the discussion of classical riding principles and the training pyramid and
                                                                        how they apply to the harmony between horse and rider.

                                                                                  Haul-in lessons welcome $15 grounds fee.

                            Please give at least 24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation or you will be charged for the lesson.



                                                                            Each    Four     Eight    Ten
Private Lesson:                                                 $100     $350    $650     $800

Off Property Lessons                                        $140   $475     $960      

Day fee for Clinics                                             $ 750

Training programs:   Each program can be tailored to the specific needs of horse and rider

​A groom is available for an extra fee  

Training Packages include schooling session for the horse or 30 Min lesson
**Training Packages are month to month only and two weeks notice for changes are


1)    20 Training sessions each month   $850
2)   16 Training sessions each month   $725
3)    8 Training sessions each month   $425